The Ravington / Styled Bridal Shoot With JLK Weddings

Hi there friends!

I'm so excited to share with you this set of photographs from a recent bridal shoot. This was a project I dreamed up and was itching to shoot. I reached out to Jessica from JLK Weddings and she so perfectly made it come to life.

What we really wanted to convey, was a wedding concept which was simple, natural, romantic, and elegant. A lot of what Jessica designed and styled was minimal. If you're planning your wedding, I hope this inspires you. Simplicity can be so beautiful, and will most likely be timeless.

I honestly can't wait to bring together more projects like this in the future! Hope you enjoy scrolling through these pretty images!

Lydiah Christine

venue: the ravington
styling/coordination: jlk weddings
gown: she said yes bridal
hair: jordan noelle
mua: genoa falar
florals: pigmint
rentals: eventures
silk runner: silk and willow
table numbers, guest book, and vow book: velvet raptor
calligraphy place cards: in loft calligraphy
calligraphy poem: anchor port calligraphy
invitation suite: shindig paperie

The Ravington.jpg
The Ravington.jpg
The Ravington.jpg
The Ravington.jpg
The Ravington.jpg
North West Arkansas Photographer.jpg
Northwest Arkansas Photographer.jpg
Arkansas Wedding Photographer.jpg
Arkansas Wedding Photographer.jpg
Arkansas Wedding Film Photographer.jpg
Arkansas Wedding Photographer.jpg
The Ravington.jpg
Arkansas Wedding Photographer.jpg

5 Things To Expect On Your Wedding Day

Hi friends!
Coming to you with yet another post on a few things I've observed as a wedding photographer for the last 4 years. Most people don't know quite what to expect for their big day, but as someone who got married a year ago, and who sees some reoccurring things take place as I work with my clients, there's five main things I can tell you are likely to take place. 


1.) You should expect things to go wrong. 

Yep. Every single wedding I've ever been a part of has had some sort of last minute change of plans or several things go "wrong". Go into your day expectant of this, because not every detail will unfold perfectly. The biggest thing to remember is that you've done months of planning, and now it's finally your wedding day, so let it happen and soak up every moment.


2.) Expect to feel so excited it's overwhelming

Oh my gosh. I've seen that look on every bride's face, one where she's so grateful, happy, relieved and overwhelmed all at once. So many things are going through your head and you can hardly keep up. It's going to be amazing seeing all of your family and SO many close friends all together in one place, there, for you!


3.) You should expect to look and feel like a million bucks

You're going to look back on this feeling for years to come. I remember on my own my wedding day thinking I could've lived in that dress forever and didn't want to take my hair down from how perfectly arranged it was. And when my husband finally saw me and told me how much he loved the dress, my hair, the flowers - I really couldn't breathe. 


4.) Expect the day to go by WAY too quick.

I've heard this one time after time. I can promise you that the day you've waited and planned out for months is going to fly. You'll get to the end of the day and it might seem impossible how quickly it slipped by.

That's why I want to tell you this - please enjoy it! Take the time to hug everyone you can and visit with those who came to witness this event. And look at your new husband lots of times and let your heart swell with thankfulness.

You can't get this day back.


5.) You should expect an imperfectly perfect day

Most of all, I promise you'll look back on this day and love all the beautiful imperfections. Because this is your wedding, it will be unique to YOU and your fiance. No day is perfect, but the love you share is, and that is worth celebrating.

This is the day I want to capture for you!
Your wedding day, which will be the day you'll remember for years to come.

Until next time,
Lydiah Chrisitne

How To Plan For Family Photos On Your Wedding

Oh yes. The dreaded family photo time.

As a wedding photographer, and also someone who got married less than two years ago myself, I've seen my fair share of family portrait time. Most of us know how it goes.. and with so much taking place in one day, it can be quite chaotic trying to round everyone up for some cooperative photos.

From years of doing this over and over, I've found that there's a system which helps quite a bit during the whole process. So I'm here to give you a few tips on how I've seen things go much smoother during a wedding day.


1.) Create a list of family members who you would like photos with/of. Examples look something like; Bride & Groom with parents, Bride & Groom with siblings, etc. You can print this list or have it handy on your phone.


2.) Designate someone at the wedding who can track down family members on said list. Since the photographer doesn't know names of everyone in your family, chose someone who is close enough to know extended family members and friends to gather people and call out names at the time of family photos.


3.) This is an important one. If you can, have your photos set in natural light outside. Everyone will thank me, because it's much more flattering than indoor florescent lighting. Can any other photographers out there give me an amen?


4.) Set aside at least 45 min to 1 hour in your timeline to take the family photos. It probably won't take this long, however, it's better to have extra cushion time not having to rush anything.

Based on what I've seen, I recommend getting all or most of these photos out of the way before the ceremony, so there's no need to break away from the reception while everyone is mingling.

S&J (213 of 265).jpg

5.) Understand that not all family photos are perfect, and that's the beauty of it. You'll remember these photos for years to come, perfect imperfections and all.


6.) Make sure to get those goofy photos, too! Wedding day's call for some jazz hands!


7.) last and not least, HAVE FUN! There's no need to stress over this event! You are family and you're together celebrating one of the best days ever! Relax and enjoy the process. 

That's all from me for now!
Much love!

Lydiah Christine