French Quarter

In New Orleans, I spent the entire day only shooting on one of my 35mm film cameras. The amount I have learned about photography in general, about art, and about myself from shooting with film is truly amazing. I've seen how much patience I've lost using digital. 
Using film has taught me how to photograph with purpose. To compose carefully and think each image through. I love how much work I have to put into film. Because with film, not everything is at my fingertips. I'm forced not to take advantage of a moment by shooting 200+ pictures at once. There's no glancing back at the LED screen five seconds after I've pressed the shutter button. I have to value time, and I have to trust myself. Each exposure means so much.
There is pride in my frames shot with film. There is pride, passion, love. And honestly, a lot of curiosity. So much curiosity, because I still don't quite know how to use my film cameras. I'm smitten and fascinated. 
I use film to show myself. I'm fighting against the easy, the spoon-fed, the copied, the mainstream, the instant. 

I want authenticity, dang-it.

the one and only photo I took in French Quarter on my DSLR