Michael & Marcy, Bella Vista, Arkansas

This was one of those weddings that you don't forget. Michael and Marcy had so much meaning and history behind every detail of their ceremony, and entire day. Leading up to this day, it has been such a joy to get to know them as a couple through texts, meetings, and finally, their wedding. So clear that they are serious about life with each other. 
I'm always grateful to be a part of such a memorial day. Here's just a glimpse into the moments they shared and the joy that we all saw.

Congrats again Michael & Marcy!

Mildred B. Copper in Bella Vista, Arkansas wedding.
Second shot by: Zayne Williams

Sarah & Joseph

A month before their wedding, Sarah and Joseph decided to get married early.
Joseph's mom has been suffering with brain damage and is quickly losing her health. They wanted her to be there to celebrate with them, so they chose to get married in the woods at the last minute. The entire wedding was planed quickly, but done in such love and care by family members. They had such an intimate ceremony that spoke so much joy and happiness has two families celebrated together.

Enjoy these photos of their special day!