Ashton & Taylor

Just a few highlights of Ashton & Taylor's wedding on 6.27.2015. This wedding was on the perfect day in June to be married, with mild weather and sun rays of gold that slit through the trees. Taylor said she wanted something different and unique for their wedding-party portraits. Just a few days before their wedding, I was able to find a great location in Carthage to work in. After their ceremony, we ended up shooting at a mansion from the late-Victorian era with rich wooden paneling and wide windows that let in a wealth of good natural lighting. 

One of my favorite parts of witnessing Ashton & Taylor celebrate their union, was the bond and community they held with so many people who genuinely loved and supported them. It was a sense of knowing that each person present was wholeheartedly cheering them on and had seen truth and commitment in their relationship leading to marriage. 

I'm leaving you with just a taste of who Ashton & Taylor are, and the beautiful day they shared together.